Pasta with mushrooms, sausage, and spinach, in a white wine and rosemary sause

Serves 2

  1. Bring the pasta water to a boil and lightly salt it.
  2. Slice the mushrooms and put them in wok with some water on high heat. Add some salt and spices to taste. Add a sprig or two of rosemary.
  3. Pour the pasta into the pot.
  4. Crush the garlic and remove the sausage meat from the casing.
  5. When the water is all gone, turn the heat down, make a clearing, add in a pat of butter, and add the garlic.
  6. When the garlic smells done, mix it in with the mushrooms and let them brown in the butter.
  7. Make a clearing and add the sausage meat. Add a touch more oil if necessary. Break it up with the wooden spoon.
  8. When the meat is browned, pour in some white wine and deglaze the bottom of the wok.
  9. Add the spinach and let it wilt, then mix it in.
  10. Remove the rosemary and transfer the pasta over into the wok.
  11. (Optional) For a richer sauce: mix an egg yolk, tablespoon of creme fresche, and some grated parmesan in a bowl. Pour it over the pasta and quickly mix it in.
  12. Finish cooking it all for a few more minutes. Add pasta water as necessary.