Alex Sayers

Originally from North-East England. Studied Physics and Philosophy at Oxford. Became a software engineer and moved to Switzerland. I now live in Tokyo and work for Tsuru Capital. At work I write Haskell and Rust.





A server which streams files to clients as they're appended to. It's like tail -f in server form. You just start it in some directory, and the contents of that directory become available for streaming. The protocol is so simple that clients don't require a special library to use it. It has high throughput, low latency, and scales to lots of clients.


Repay is a simple tool which computes the most efficient way for everyone to repay their debts. You feed it a list of historical transactions, and it spits out a minimal list of transactions which will make everyone square.

Repay implements two algorithms for building a repayment plan: an "exact mode", which is guaranteed to give an optimal plan, but which is O(3^n) in the number of people involved; and an "approximate mode" which scales better but may return a non-optimal plan.


A Rust library for reading pcap-ng files.


An extremely simple templating tool, designed for easy use from the shell. It reads a template from stdin; it writes it back out to stdout.


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