Christmas dinner

Overall strategy:




  1. Caremelise an onion. (Slice radially; in wok with salt+water, lid on, steam on high heat; evaporate water; add oil, reduce heat; takes about an hour.)
  2. Sift over a tablespoon of flour; cook for a minute.
  3. Dump in a can of chicken stock. Add some worcestershire sauce.
  4. Then, every time you get a pan with fond on it, deglaze it with red wine and add it to the pot.
  5. Don't forget all the chicken juices!

Roast potatoes

See: Roast beef

Toast carrots and parsnips

Par-boil the parsnips but not the carrots

TODO: Roast onions

Brussel sprouts and bacon bits

  1. Par-boil the sprouts
  2. Fry the bacon
  3. Remove the bacon, dump in the sprouts
  4. Fry the sprouts in the bacon grease while you chop up the bacon
  5. Bacon back in.
  6. Add some water and steam if the sprouts aren't tender enough

TODO: Chestnuts

Yorkshire puds

See: Roast beef

TODO: Pigs in blankets TODO: Bread sauce